Shocking Turn

Who could have guessed that Joe Lieberman would wind up hiring conservative Republican and hard-core warmonger Marshall Wittman to be his new spokesperson? I look forward to Wittman's and Lieberman's efforts to demonstrate their interest in humanitarianism by trying to get other people to risk their lives in an effort to kill lots of Iranian people.

UPDATE: Mark Schmitt notes the possibility of a McCain/Lieberman combo third party run peddling the line "We were each rejected by the ideological extremists in our parties, therefore we represent the true forgotten center of American politics." And, as Mark says, they'll be in the "center" if by "center" you mean "on the far, far right on national security issues."

UPDATE II: Ed Kilgore comments: "The Moose became a passionate advocate for Lieberman's primary and general-election campaigns in no small part because he sincerely believes both parties are in danger of abandoning the political center, and quite frankly because he is happiest free of either party's yoke." Seriously, though. In what way does Joe Lieberman represent the center? In McCain's case it's clear that he's the furthest right Republican on defense and use of force issues. And as best I can tell, Lieberman holds . . . the same views. Which, I mean, is fine -- I have extreme views on some issues, too, but just because mainstream Republicans and mainstream Democrats both reject something doesn't make it centrist; it could just be fringey and foolish.