K-Mart gone for the season. I'm not a huge Carmelo Anthony advocate, but I do have an affection for the Denver Nuggets. You've got to love NBA midgets like Earl Boykins. And Martin and Marcus Camby both deserve hero status for their roles on NYC-era teams that somehow managed to get to the NBA Finals without being, you know, very good at basketball. Plus the whole concept of trying to assemble a professional basketball team not featuring anyone who can shoot is pretty sweet. Every year now for a while, one looks at this Denver squad and says "if Martin and Camby and Nene can stay healthy, these guys could be dangerous." And they could -- dangerous to the very concept of basketball.

After all, if you ever assembled a championship team whose offense consisted entirely of layups, lobs, and tip-ins (see also the Kidd/Martin Nets of 2002 and 2003) the game as we know it might be forever destroyed. But, obviously, it's not to be, they can't stay healthy. What the world really needs is a combo Utah-Denver hospital ward front line -- Anthony, Boozer, Martin, Camby, Kirilenko, Okur, Nene -- they could be awesome . . . if they can stay healthy. Ha! So many rebounds, so few games played.