Overestimating the Blogs

Obviously, I love blogs. I started political blogging way back in January 2002, I owe everything to the new media, and I believe the netroots will only grow more important over time. That said, it's shocking to read a veteran political reporter like Tom Edsall write that one of the virtues of the rising Democrats of the interior west is that "their political philosophy transcends the party's major split--between the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and the left-wing netroots." That is the party's major split? Since when?

DailyKos is a very impressive achievement, but the core of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party remains the major liberal interest groups, most notably the AFL-CIO and other unions along with labor-affiliated groups like the Economic Policy Institute and the Campaign for America's Future. Which is not to slight the contributions of African-American groups, feminist and reproductive rights outfits, or the environmental movement (see also).