Majority Leader

I've gotten about seventeen different emails from Steny Hoyer about his bid for the Majority Leader's office. Meanwhile, I haven't seen or heard anything from John Murtha who was allegedly going to challenge him for the job. I'd prefer Murtha, but my understanding pre-election was that Hoyer more-or-less had this locked up in which case I'm not especially eager to see a pointless internecine fight.

The Washington Post, meanwhile, gets right out of the gate with some serious wank: "How many voters, we wonder, could name even one of the Democrats' vaunted "Six for '06" legislative proposals? As they prepare to wield power, Democrats don't have capital from voters; at most, they enjoy a line of credit." Right, well, whatever. For months WaPo types urged Democrats to unveil a positive agenda even though everyone knows that voters don't pay attention to opposition party white papers. So they unveiled the agenda, and nobody paid attention. And now, since nobody paid attention, the Post thinks Democrats have no right to implement their agenda. Boo-hoo. "Less clear is that Democrats deserved to win -- or that they would have done so absent Republican missteps." Of course Democrats wouldn't have won absent Republican missteps. Incumbent parties who don't make missteps don't lose elections.