It's The Economy, If You're Stupid

You know the situation's getting desperate when the GOP decides it needs to point to allegedly strong economic performance as its main election argument. The idea here is supposed to be that a Democratic congress, by partially reversing George W. Bush's tax policies, would wreck the bountiful prosperity we're all currently enjoying.

This is, on its face, fairly absurd. By what measure has economic performance during the Bush years been better than it was before his policies were implemented? Jobs aren't being created at a higher rate. Wages are going up faster. The poverty rate isn't declining. The stock market isn't growing faster. What is it about the pre-Bush economic status quo that we're supposed to be afraid of? I don't see this working at all. The old GOP argument was that the economy was doing well enough that voters should focus on Republican national security policy and its vital role in keeping the country safe. Now it turns out that Republican national security policy is a bad joke and voters are supposed to be quaking at the prospect of a return to Clinton-era economic performance? I don't think so.