A chatter wonders if Agent Zero shouldn't reign it in: "it seems like if the Wizards had someone like Nellie to ream out Arenas every time he jacked up a 3-pointer from 30 feet out with 20 seconds left on the shot clock, the Wizards would be a pretty good team right now." John Hollinger responds with the accurate observation that the Wizards problems are much more on the offensive than the defensive end. I would also note that though Gilbertology appears to involve a lot of questionable shot-selection, he's actually a very accurate long-range shooter -- career .365 from beyond the arc. This season, he's been especially accurate at .391 -- that's 1.17 points per shot, well above the Wizards' general offensive efficiency or, indeed, the efficiency of the league's best offense.

Arguably, he should be shooting hoisting more random three pointers. I'd be an advocate of just about anything that resulted in fewer shots for Jarvis Hayes.