Say what you will about former AEI intern and Doug Feith protege Mario Loyola, but at the end of the day nobody can top Tim Graham for the title of Worst Corner Blogger. Here he complains about a Washington Post entertainment article making a joke about how Republican candidates are frightened. And, of course, Republican candidates are frightened, as you can read in the pages of National Review as well as . . . all other publications that cover American politics.

Funny, that, but this one is much more absurd. After demonstrating definitively that he doesn't know what "socialist" means Graham complains "that the networks seem to focus on the very same states where the Democrats are putting their big last-minute cash." Democrats, of course, are putting their big last-minute cash into the most competitive races. And the television networks are -- surprise! -- covering the most competitive races. "In-kind contributions of free media seem to match very nicely," Graham, who seems to lack a functioning brain, snarks.