Good Postmortems

Conor Clarke, super-no-longer-intern, looks at why black Republicans keep losing and reaches a startling conclusion: "The failed GOP outreach to blacks shouldn't be a surprise. Black Republicans lose because both Mehlman and Dean are wrong: On the economic issues that matter most, the Democratic Party hasn't let black voters down, and, opinion polls to the contrary, they still vote on that basis."

Quite so. Slight failure to recognize this is part of the pundit class's weird myopia about the role of race in American politics. Famously, lots of relatively economically downscale people frequently vote for conservative candidates because of their cultural conservatism. Less frequently noted is that it's only white people who behave this way.

Rick Perlstein, meanwhile, wisely rains on Rahm Emmannuel's parade somewhat, noting that DCCC-favored candidates didn't actually fare especially well compared to, say, Netroots favored ones.