Axis of Bad Pop

Josh Kurlantzick's September article warning about the emergence of a new Russia/Venezuela/Iran axis of oil-producing states struck me as a bit implausibly alarmist at the time. I mean, sure, countries have interests, which means they sometimes have interests in common with other countries, so they work together now and again. But the three names states seemed to me to lack any kind of underlying ideological program that would really make this worrisome. Or so I thought.

Susan alerts me to this music video for "Vostochnaya Skazka" an international super hit from Russian girl group Blestyashie in which they collaborate with Iranian pop sensation Arash. The resulting song is bad. Very bad. Troublingly bad. It's especially disturbing that Arash appears to live in Sweden, which has traditionally been the Anglosphere's main ally in the quest to make the world safe for non-awful popular music. If they defect to the Eurasian Crap Pop Bloc, all may be lost.