It would go against everything I believe about the mind of George W. Bush for him to fire Don Rumsfeld, replace him with a pragmatist as part of a change-of-direction in the administration in favor of attempting a strategy of engagement with Iran, but there seems to be at least some chance things'll head in that direction. I caution, though, that we've seen personnel changes before. I recall when Wolfowitz and Feith both left DOD, and I recall when Robert Blackwill was brought in to take charge of Iraq. In all cases, Cheney remained a powerful locus for the administration's psychotic tendencies and when Bush got down to making decisions usually wound up siding with the Vice President.

UPDATE: On the presser generally, I agree with Josh. He started out looking awful, but by the end was doing a pretty good job of handling an objectively difficult situation. I do think, however, that Christian right types won't be thrilled with his answer to the question about whether he hadn't been failing to take their concerns seriously.

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