The Hill reports that while Blue Dogs are demanding Jane Harman, the Congressional Black Caucus is going formally on record for Alcee Hastings. Trouble in Pelosiville:

The dueling letters will likely raise the stakes for the Speaker-to-be. Coming on the heels of a divisive race for majority leader, her decision has the potential to alienate one of two powerful groups: the 44-member Blue Dog Coalition or the 43-member Black Caucus.

All the more reason to turn to a compromise candidate: Silvestre Reyes. There are already several Blue Dog types set to chair committees and a bunch of CBC members set to chair committees. I don't think there are any Latino members of which the same can be said. Plus, Reyes is qualified, seems to have sound views, and doesn't have any evident red flags about him. Indeed, The Daily News reports that "The Congressional Black Caucus is pushing Hastings, but Rep. Silvestre Reyes of Texas has emerged as the compromise front-runner, several sources said." It'd be a good choice at any rate.