When you've even lost K-Lo with your hackery, you're, well, a gigantic hack.

The right's hack propagandists bear an enormous amount of the blame for the sorry situation the country finds itself in. People often wonder to me what the deal is with the tens of millions of remaining Bush loyalists -- are they just morons, or what? But they're not morons. They're ordinary people and like ordinary people they have a lot of demands on their time and, consequently, don't make an intensive study of all the leading issues of the day. And, naturally, they do a lot of deferring to the expressed views of people they trust. Not being liberals, "people they trust" doesn't mean liberal pundits -- it means conservative ones. Millions of people out there are counting on conservative television and radio personalities to let them know if something goes dramatically wrong with the governance of the country. Instead, for years you saw what amounted to overwhelming lockstep support. It's worth keeping in mind that whatever you may think of the NRO gang, they're about three hundred times as intellectually honest as the average conservative broadcast media outlet.