Honest Like a Moron

Via a gushing K-Lo ("he's a clear thinker on this war. And isn't his honesty about the stakes and his principles — even if you're someone who disagrees with him on this or that — reason enough to want him reelected"), Rick Santorum's bafflingly stupid speech on "the gathering storm" facing the United States:

Mr. Casey said that "the U.S. should not escalate the drive to place weapons in space and should seek an international ban on such weaponry." I hate to break the news to you, but Iran and North Korea are already escalating things. . . .

Let me tell you, Mr. Casey, people are concerned when Venezuela is harboring terrorists, many of whom will penetrate our border because of the amnesty bill you support, that puts amnesty before security.

And just think -- what if the Venezuelan terrorists get on the Iranian space station? What then Mr. Casey, huh? huh? Seriously, these people are morons. Dangerously dishonest or (I fear) dangerously confused about what's going on in the world. "Say what you will," remarks Lopez, "but this is leadership." Custer-quality leadership at that.

Kudos, incidentally, to Bob Casey for taking on the administration's bafflingly wrongheaded National Space Strategy. This is exactly the sort of ground where Democrats normally fear to tread.