Flypaper in Middle Earth

"As the hobbits are going up Mount Doom, the Eye of Mordor is being drawn somewhere else," notes Rick Santorum, an actual US Senator, though hopefully not for much longer. "It's being drawn to Iraq and it's not being drawn to the U.S.," Santorum continued. "You know what? I want to keep it on Iraq. I don't want the Eye to come back here to the United States." This is, fundamentally, an old idea about Iraq and it continues to be a stupid one, though rarely has it achieved such an inane mode of expression as this time around. Dave Weigel tries to puzzle it out:

Was Santorum referring to the hobbits' final approach up Mount Doom, when Aragorn (George Bush) was convincing the men of Gondor (Tony Blair) and Rohan (John Howard) to make a final, diversionary push at the Black Gates? Or is he referring to the entire quest of Frodo and Sam (300 million Americans), which was aided at various points by mystical creatures - the Ents, the Dead Men of Dunharrow - that don't have any easy relations in the real war on terror?

Does Tom Bombadil have a role to play in this?