Brice Family Values

I haven't mentioned this yet, but all the scenes featuring Namond getting pressure from his parents to stop goofing off and start buckling down to get serious about his career as a drug dealer have been absolutely priceless. I wonder, though, if anyone actually finds those conversations believable? I suppose I have no idea what incarcerated drug gang soldiers say to their teenaged sons, but a priori I don't really buy it. At the same time, I don't really care. Precisely what makes the so brilliant is the direct symmetry between what Wee-Bay and De'Londa tell their son and the way parents of The Wire target demographic's socioeconomic class act.

Those kind of symmetries and resonances, both external and internal (as in the migration of the phrase "it's all in the game" to Carcetti) to the show are at the core of its appeal and what makes grandiose claims about it plausible.