A Question of Motives

Fresh from identifying Jimmy Carter, architect of the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, and Michael Moore (who, not to get too anti-semitic about it, obviously deals with a lot of Jews working in the movie business) as anti-semites, Martin Peretz lashes out at the "questionable motives" (presumably anti-semitism) underlying recent efforts by George Soros and Mort Halperin to push America's Israel policy in a more constructive direction:

I did at least once hear [Soros] say that victims often end up as persecutors. It was clear what he meant. Actually, he stated it quite directly. Victims of the Nazis turned out to be tormentors of the Arabs. He was a little surprised that some in the audience booed. Well he also held different views from others in the crowd, many of them Holocaust survivors, about Jewish history during and after it.

Now look here, Soros is a Holocaust survivor, too, so one might think we could lay the Auschwitz card aside when debating the merits of his views. Meanwhile, in TNR's non-virtual pages, Leon Wieseltier explains that Tony Judt also hates the Jews. What with anti-semitism being so rampant even among Jewish intellectuals and financiers it's a wonder we've managed to survive for thousands of years.