Secession Nostalgia


Okay, this is weird. Via Dave Weigel, a Raw Story report about Saxby Chambliss' remarks at a recent closed-door meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee. According to one version of the story, Chambliss said "We need better intelligence. If we had better intelligence in the Civil War we’d be quoting Jefferson Davis, not Lincoln." According to Chambliss' office, that's a misquotation and he really said "If Gen. JEB Stuart had had better intelligence, we’d all be meeting in Richmond right now."

I don't see what difference the alternative versions make. Either way, Senator Chambliss sees himself presumptively as a loyal citizen of the Confederacy who just happens to be working in Washington, DC because the CSA's bad intel lost them the war. What's more, he seems to feel that the entire US Senate would have been located in Richmond in the event of a southern victory.