Negotiations, If You Want Them

Kofi Annan says Iran is happy to negotiate about its nuclear program but, rather sensibly, isn't willing to concede everything in advance by suspending uranium enrichment as a condition for having the talks. Meanwhile, one two three silly UN-bashing posts from Marty Peretz at the Plank. I'm told he'll be getting a blog of his own soon, to help replace the dearly departed Lee Siegel.

My fellow liberals in town keep assuring me that there's not going to be a war with Iran. It's just not possible, it's too crazy, etc. I don't know. They could be right. Their argument makes sense. But I'm not so sure. Certainly, most of the relevant people are acting like they'd like to start a war with Iran. And the relevant people inside the government haven't exactly been known to let "X would be a really bad idea" stop them from doing X. I'd be worried. I'm especially worried that our progressive leaders don't seem to be worried. Clearly, there are people out there agitating for war. If the people who don't want a war don't take them and the threat they pose seriously, that only makes it more likely that they'll get their war.