I don't do many -- or even necessarily any -- posts along these lines, but it occurs to me to mention that if you've got some cash to spend on a good cause, you could do worse than donating to Jim Webb's Senate campaign. He's a good egg, a bona fide Iraq War opponent from before it was cool, who has an actual knowledge of national security policy that would be an asset to the Democratic Senate caucus and not just a vote for Harry Reid (though, of course, votes for Harry Reid are excellent things indeed). What's more, Webb has precisely the right sort of background and demeanor to separate his correct views on these issues from politically unpalatable cultural resonances. Even better, his opponent is George Allen, who's essentially pond scum in the form of a politician.

The trouble is that Webb isn't very good, personally, at fundraising. What's more, for a very long time, his race looked like a desperate long-shot that it wasn't worth pouring resources into. Recently, though, enough has come out about Allen that a Webb win is very realistic in principle. The trouble is that Allen has over ten times as much cash on hand as does Webb. Outside groups will presumably try to help Webb out, but there's only so much that can be done in that regard. Some money from readers like you will help. There are, of course, plenty of other worthy candidates out there (I like Diane Farrell, for example) but Webb's cash situation seems especially dire and the general situation in Virginia is otherwise quite favorable to the Democrats.

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