What can you say about a guy like the Bull Moose. "The question is why Democratic leaders continue to collude with the anti-Semitic appeasing left? This should be a time for introspection for a party that relies heavily on Jewish support." Now, in this context, "collude" means that Democratic leaders work with people who run a website on which some other people have posted some allegedly anti-semitic material. Wittman, by contrast, used to work for lunatic anti-semite Pat Robertson. Before that, my understanding is that he was an actual practicing Communist, a dedicated member of a political party committed to the violent overthrow of the United States government and its replacement by a brutal, ruthless dictatorship.

Currently, though, he's a friend to Jews everywhere, which is nice of him. This is the question, though. Does Wittman ever worry, do any liberal hawks ever worry, does anyone on the "decent left" ever worry, that their foreign policy preferences derive large amounts of their electoral support from racist hatred of Arabs and bigoted prejudice against Muslims? Or do they deny that that's the case? Do they think the precious comment threads of warmongering blogs, the call lists at rightwing talk radio, are blissfully free of such sentiments? Call me crazy, but I believe it was David Brooks who published a column over the weekend arguing that the Iraq War failed, in essence, because Arabs are sub-humans incapable of living together peacefully. Or maybe he was trying to say Muslims are like that. And, of course, he didn't say it in so many words but he's David Brooks, conservative punditry's friendly ambassador to the left. Just imagine what they're saying in the fever swamps.

Does this bother anyone?

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