Creative Commons Photos

As you may have noticed, I've started including images with a lot of the posts here -- one of the benefits of blog-consolidation is that I get to put more time into each post -- which I think is kinda neat. It's also worth pointing out that it would be an utterly infeasible method of operating without the combination of the Creative Commons search page and the Flickr photo-sharing website. The basic idea of Flickr is that you get an account, take some photo's with your digital camera, upload them to your page, and then anyone can see them. Even better, though, the have a function where you can set it to, as a default, release your photos under a Creative Commons license. Then, with the power of untold numbers of (presumably amateur) photographers combined and searchable, a humble blogger has a vast photo library at his disposal.

This is one of those signposts of progress that's essentially impossible to measure, but it's real nonetheless.