Craig Jerald wonders about the "soft eyes" reference in the title and dialogue of Wire 4.2 -- I don't really get it either. Google does, however, reveal the existence of a book called To Teach With Soft Eyes: Reflections on a Teacher/Leader Formation Experience which is a possible referent.

For all the Wire-blogging you can stomach, check out this site dedicated entirely to the show. On a more substantive note, this here from Sam Harris about how liberals are too soft on terrorism (or something) is totally, utterly, incredibly whack, but MovableType keeps eating by draft posts about exactly how whack it is. Fortunately, Kevin Drum's on the case but as usual he's a bit too nice. Why is Harris perpetrating these smears that he knows perfectly well he has no evidence for? Why is The LA Times publishing them? It's a messed up world.