Some Sand In Which to Bury Your Head

If you're a rightwinger who wants to stay firmly entrenched in his objectively pro-Iran cocoon and believe that all is well in the Bush administration, you won't want to miss Dan Darling's tendentious summary of the SSCI Report over at Winds of Change. Any contrary information you've read in the press is bias, bias, bias, damnit. Read Dan, he'll give to to you straight. Why, he manages to go into a lengthy discussion of the interagency dispute over Qaeda-Saddam ties and not mention the part of the Report where they conclude that the skeptics were right. Good work! How to dismiss the part of the report where they say all efforts to build connections to terrorist groups had failed? Good question: "All the same, had the Iraqi efforts in this regard been successful Saddam Hussein would have put together quite a formidable terrorist coalition to aim at the US." That's a sharp one. And had Stalin's plan to boost agricultural production through the inheretance of acquired characteristics worked, we would have been in one tough jam in the Cold War. He joins Michael Ledeen in offering the bizarre theory that the report exonerates Doug Feith via a method which I myself should use. The press hasn't picked up on the fact that pages 411-67 of the report clearly states that unless you vote for John Kerry terrorists will kill your mother -- you can look it up for yourself.