Brad D describes Barbara Ehrenreich's latest, an anti-Nader piece, as a return to sanity. If this is sanity, I'm a famous consumer advocate:

So, Ralph, sit down. Pour yourself a Diet Pepsi and rejoice in the fact that -- post-Enron and post-Iraq war -- millions have absorbed your message. You're entitled to a little time out now, a few weeks on the beach catching up on back issues of The Congressional Record. Meanwhile, I've thrown my mighty weight behind Dennis Kucinich, who, unnoticed by the media, is still soldiering along on the campaign trail. In the event that he fails to get the Democratic nomination, I'll have to consider my options.

I'm detecting no signs of sanity here. Millions have absorbed Ralph's message that it fundamentally doesn't matter whether the donkeys are the elephants are in power? The reverse seems to have happened; isn't that why Ehrenreich doesn't want him to run? And speaking of elephants -- there's a huge, whopping, insane element in this room named "Dennis Kucinich." Her return to political sanity is to throw her "mighty weight behind Dennis Kucinich" and if "he fails to get the Democratic nomination, [she]'ll have to consider [her] options." That's not sanity, and unlike the 2000 Nader endorsement it's not even radicalism. That's madness.