Rip, Mix, Burn . . . In Hell!

Via young Ezra Klein a quite interesting Journal article noting that the Christian kids nowadays aren't really very Christian. This particular choice of examples, however, strikes me as somewhat questionable:

Indeed, the consequences of this theological implosion now pervade the thoughts and actions of believing teenagers, following the moral breakdown of the broader American culture. Here's one practical example: Only 10% of Christian teens believe that music piracy is morally wrong, according to a recent Barna survey, not all that different from the 6% of their non-Christian peers who feel the same way.

I don't really think Christ expressed a view on intellectual property theft, a crime that didn't, you know, exist during His life. And while I'm sure the RIAA would like you to believe that the Sermon on the Mount contained a denunciation of the Roman authorities for their failure to crack down on those illegal reproductions of Pliny, it just ain't in the Bible.