Wes Pruden lays it out: Kerry and Edwards are a couple of pansies, picking up a meme I've also seen on The Corner and Drudge. Somehow I don't think this is the way to pull Andrew Sullivan back into the fold. Speaking of which, and of Jacob Levy's recent conversion, I've noticed that all the converting lately seems to be going in the same direction. A few weeks back The Note wrote that there seemed to be a lot of people who voted for Bush in 2000 but wouldn't vote for him in 2004, and no one who backed Gore in 2000 who was backing Bush in 2004. Hugh Hewitt had a good time kicking that assertion around -- there's Zell Miller, for one -- there are actually quite a lot of Democrat-leaners who decided they were supporting Bush based on his perceived national security creds in late-2001 and (especially) 2002. Over the past twelve months, though, all the motion's been in the opposite direction.