Ledeen's Theories

I've got a post on one aspect of this Michael Ledeen piece going up on Tapped, but the whole thing is a rather intriguing look into the fever swamp that is his view of national security policy. The blame for the whole thing turns out to lie on the head of . . . Robert Toricelli, without whose meddling we would have had the whole thing cleared up. But the intelligence was right! It's just that the weapons were smuggled to Syria and Iran. This last bit is consistent with his seeming claim that the forged Niger documents (which "prove" as you'll recall, that Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Niger are all planning joint operations against the major power) were not, in fact, forged. He even seems to think that the SSIC Report backs him up on this last claim when, in fact, it plainly does the reverse. But somehow the Torch, evidently in league with Josh Marshall is to blame.

I do agree, though, that many liberals have been a bit too harsh with regard to his daughter, who is distinguished among unqualified CPA staff only by having a father who's a well-known crank. It's hardly her fault.