Got myself a little letter from the old high school asking alumni to, among other things, help out with their effort to build a stronger career development program. One question asks:

(c) Career Information (Please check all that apply & explain below):
  • I could speak at assembly, class or workshop or do a demonstration on the following topic.
  • I could offer an internship or job opportunity to a student or alumni.
  • I could give career information or advice to students.
  • I have a husband, relative or friend who could help with one of the above.

Husband? Is it so inconceivable that a Dalton alumnus might have a wife who could provide career help to someone? Or is the possibility that a woman could have an important job just too outlandish to contemplate? (What'll be next: woman Senators? National Security Advisors? Managers of major-party presidential campaigns? Just imagine!) Perhaps this is a legacy of the fact that, until relatively recently, it was an all-girls high school, so the alumni office is assuming that I'm a woman, but on the other hand you would expect a formerly-girls-only establishment to exercise a little more gender-sensitivity than that. At any rate, aspiring political commentators of the world, you know how to reach me....