Armed Liberal Replies

To my question here essentially stating that my post sums up everything that's wrong with the modern left. Two strange things about AL's post. One, I don't disagree with anything he said. Two, nothing in it contains an answer to the question "what would/should our response be to a new major terrorist attack." Now the post does refer to "states that are willing to shelter and succor" terrorists. I quite agree that America should overthrow the governments of states that shelter and succor groups that plan terrorist attacks against the United States. The trouble is that I don't see any states like that on my map. If you had to pick one as the closest candidate, I guess you come up with Pakistan, which kinda sorta fits the bill, but the reasons not to invade Pakistan are simply overwhelming. So if we are attacked again, what do we do? Law enforcement and intelligence work, AL suggests, which I think is right. But the current tenor of the political campaign strongly suggests that hawks are afraid John Kerry will offer a merely law enforcement and intelligence oriented response to future attacks. See what I'm getting at?