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Radio Atlantic is a magazine news show where you come to hear deeply reported audio rich stories from Atlantic writers as well as conversations that illuminate the news moment. It’s where our cover stories take on another life in audio and it’s where our hosts bring you a variety of perspectives on the news in conversations with and reports from Atlantic writers and newsmakers.

Our Strange New Era of Space Travel

Humans last set foot on the Moon 50 years ago. Now we’re going back, but the way we explore space has gone through some big changes.

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The Republican Party Is in a Strange Place

“Republicans don’t have a Trump problem. They have a voter problem.”

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This COVID Winter Will Be Different

But will it be better? A pandemic primer for the season.

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For Love of the Game

In this episode of Radio Atlantic, staff writer Clint Smith talks about the complicated feelings he has for soccer, and which teams and players shaped his love of the sport.

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A Short History of Brazilian Soccer

The Atlantic staff writers Franklin Foer and Clint Smith talk about who they're rooting for and why in World Cup 2022. And Franklin Foer takes us on a journey through the history the beautiful and ugly side of his beloved Brazilian team.

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What’s at Stake for Election Workers

Mark Leibovich talks with Tim Alberta about the often-overlooked group of people crucial to American voting. With election denialism plaguing the process, poll workers have faced threats and harassment. What can we expect in the midterms next week?

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Who Leaves, Who Stays

When Taliban forces seized control of Kabul last year, many Afghans faced life-changing choices. One family's decision led to a harrowing journey for a young woman and her sister.

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What Puerto Rico Needs Most

How are repeated disasters impacting Puerto Ricans, and what can be done about it in both the long and short-term?

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