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Don’t just watch a movie; understand it. Don’t just hear a song; consider what it has to say. On The Review, writers and guests discuss how we entertain ourselves, and how that defines the way we see the world. Join The Atlantic’s writers as they break down a work of pop culture each week, exploring the big questions that great art can provoke, making some recommendations for you, and having a little fun along the way.

Top Gun

On the advent of Top Gun: Maverick, three Atlantic writers revisit the classic fighter pilot movie

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Knocked Up

Our hosts discuss what to make of how pop culture treats abortion and women's bodies.

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Winning Time

David Sims, Vann Newkirk, and Ross Andersen discuss the love-it-or-hate-it HBO series about the rise of the 1980s Los Angeles Lakers dynasty.

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Spencer Kornhaber, Sophie Gilbert, and David Sims discuss the sci-fi thriller, how it echoes our real-life workplace anxieties, and what other dystopian works they recommend.

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The Northman

Shirley Li, David Sims, and Sophie Gilbert debate the brutal viking blockbuster The Northman. Is it a thrillingly visceral tour-de-force or just Shakespeare for people who love crossfit?

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Everything Everywhere All at Once

Shirley Li, David Sims, and Spencer Kornhaber discuss the hit reality-bending action comedy. At a time of comic-book shows and movies filled with multiverses, why does this entry seem so… fresh?

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Turning Red

Shirley Li, Spencer Kornhaber, and Lenika Cruz discuss the Pixar coming-of-age film Turning Red, why they found it utterly charming, and why this post-villain era of animation is a welcome one.

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Is Pop Music Obsessed With Nostalgia?

Spencer Kornhaber, Shirley Li, and Hannah Giorgis assess the state of pop music following the Grammys.

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