Social Distance

Phone calls about science, health, and how to keep things in perspective.

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About Social Distance

Journalists from The Atlantic document the first 15 months of the coronavirus pandemic through regular phone calls. Listen in as Dr. Jim Hamblin, the producer Katherine Wells, and the comedian and the writer Maeve Higgins ask journalists, experts, and friends about the news and science behind the pandemic, get some advice, and learn how to apply it. 

Is It Over?

Though the pandemic continues around the world, the end appears in sight in the United States. At the same time, this episode will mark the last one for Social Distance.

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Breakthrough Infections and Lonely Puppies

Things are starting to look up, at least in the U.S., but we're looking ahead at potential future worries

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It's Time to Tango

Lots of your questions about the future after COVID-19 get answered, and one listener gives us a little history lesson.

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Dealing With Post-Pandemic Trauma

The Atlantic's Ed Yong talks with James Hamblin and Maeve Higgins about the ways, large and small, we've all suffered.

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Share the Vaccine 'Recipe'

What difference could the U.S. waiving vaccine patents make around the world?

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Long COVID Questions Answered

A long COVID patient and an immunologist help us understand the mysterious condition.

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The Consequences of Vaccine Nationalism

While wealthier countries reopen, India and the rest of the world face a terrifying new peak in the pandemic.

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When Can I Take Off My Mask?

The rules need to change after vaccination. But carefully.

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