How To Season 3: When Expectations Don’t Meet Reality

The building blocks for realigning expectations and reality in happiness

Side-by-side black-and-white portraits of "How To" Season 3 producer Rebecca Rashid (right) and host Arthur Brooks (left), surrounded by rainbow brush strokes

In our pursuit of a happy life, we build, we structure, and we plan. Often, we follow conventional wisdom and strategize. But what happens when our plans fall through and expectations don’t meet reality—when the things that should make us happy don’t?

In Season 3 of our How To series, Atlantic happiness correspondent Arthur Brooks and producer Rebecca Rashid seek to navigate the unexpected curves on the path to personal happiness—with data-driven insights and a healthy dose of introspection.

Listen to the first episode on your favorite podcast player when the season launches on October 10.

This series was produced by Rebecca Rashid and hosted by Arthur Brooks. Editing by A.C. Valdez and Claudine Ebeid. Fact-check by Ena Alvarado. Engineering by Matthew Simonson. If you have any questions, stories, or feedback, please email us at