The Experiment Podcast: Liberals Don’t Get The Babylon Bee. Neither Do Conservatives.

The Atlantic’s Emma Green sits down with the editor in chief of the Christian satire site to talk about mockery and the line between making fun and doing harm.

A black-and-white posed photo of The Babylon Bee’s editor in chief, Kyle Mann, is set into a frame featuring The Experiment’s show art.
Kyle Mann, the editor in chief of The Babylon Bee (Courtesy of The Babylon Bee)

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The satire site The Babylon Bee, a conservative Christian answer to The Onion, stirred controversy when some readers mistook its headlines for misinformation. In this episode, The Atlantic’s religion reporter Emma Green sits down with The Bee’s editor in chief, Kyle Mann, to talk about where he draws the line between making a joke and doing harm, and to understand what humor can reveal about American politics.

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