1. The 32 Actual Worst Characters on Television

    145,000 votes were cast. Here are the results, from sort-of-the-worst to the Actual Worst.
  2. 1 / 32 Fish Mooney (Gotham) She’s wrapped up in all kinds of murder and vice, and not only that, she’s plotting to knock off her boss by any means necessary.” Ranked #32 Jessica Miglio / FOX
  3. 2 / 32 Mason Verger (Hannibal) He’s an arch-villain on Hannibal, and you have to be really bad to be considered the villain on a show where the hero is a villain.” Ranked #31 Sophie Giraud / NBC
  4. 3 / 32 Jonah Ryan (Veep) Jonah—arrogant, but with absolutely zero cause—is comically self-aggrandizing. He is the organization kid grown up and in a position of (relative) power.” Ranked #30 HBO
  5. 4 / 32 Rowan Pope (Scandal) It’s something to do with Pope's dual status as both a murderer and a mansplainer … Oh, and let’s not forget the megalomania.” Ranked #29 Nicole Wilder / ABC
  6. 5 / 32 Andrea Harrison (The Walking Dead) “She’s the absolute worst judge of character, throwing her lot in with the untrustworthy Shane and then the tyrannical Governor, and changing course only when it’s far too late.” Ranked #28 Gene Page / AMC
  7. 6 / 32 Robert Crawley (Dowton Abbey) If he were just a pompous turn-of-the-century mansplainer wrapped up in a velvet dressing gown, that would be one thing, but he actively chooses the establishment over his own family at every possible opportunity.” Ranked #27 Nick Briggs / ITV for Masterpiece
  8. 7 / 32 Vee Parker (Orange Is the New Black) She thinks using trusting children to carry and sell drugs—and seducing/paying someone to murder her own adoptive son when he wants to start his own drug ring—is just good business.” Ranked #26 Jessica Miglio / Netflix
  9. 8 / 32 Lucious Lyon (Empire) The real drama of Empire isn’t about who’ll get the empire, but whether the emperor has a soul.” Ranked #25 Chuck Hodes / FOX
  10. 9 / 32 Carrie Mathison (Homeland) She’s either clean and sober, taking care of herself, and thus completely boring to watch, or she’s careening around like a pinball between jazz clubs and war zones and scrapbook sessions.” Ranked #24 Kent Smith / Showtime
  11. 10 / 32 Jeremy Jamm (Parks and Recreation) Jeremy Jamm is pretty much a distillation of everything that is currently wrong with the American political system.” Ranked #23 Tyler Golden / NBC
  12. 11 / 32 Wilson Fisk (Daredeveil) The tenderness he shows those closest to him only makes his brutal methods of dealing with just about everyone else even more heinous.” Ranked #22 Netflix
  13. 12 / 32 Tyrell Wellick (Mr. Robot) “What makes Wellick worse than simply a Northern European Patrick Bateman is his sniveling side—so far, he’s not even cold-blooded enough to be competent.” Ranked #21 Virginia Sherwood / USA
  14. 13 / 32 Carl Grimes (The Walking Dead) Confuses ‘having a gun’ with ‘being an adult.’ Thinks the most responsible action in most circumstances involves killing someone.” Ranked #20 Frank Ockenfels / AMC
  15. 14 / 32 Tammy "Two" Swanson (Parks and Recreation) “It’s likely she was programmed by someone in the future to come back and destroy all happiness. Even telemarketers avoid her.Ranked #19 Chris Haston / NBC
  16. 15 / 32 Frank Underwood (House of Cards) His tendency to smugly mug at the camera and offer a bit of pseudo-profundity for the camera whenever he gets to prove, again, that he simply has fewer morals than anyone else in the room.” Ranked #18 David Giesbrecht / Netflix
  17. 16 / 32 Claire Underwood (House of Cards) Claire is always, for better (for her) and for worse (for everyone who is not her), in control of her own coldness. She is Machiavelli in a shift dress.” Ranked #17 Nathaniel Bell / Netflix
  18. 17 / 32 Elsa Mars (American Horror Story) There’s something especially grotesque about a person who behaves maternally only to betray the love and trust of her ‘children’ for a vague chance of stardom.” Ranked #16 Frank Ockenfels / FX
  19. 18 / 32 Matt Bevers (Broad City) Bevers has no boundaries. None. And he’s as clueless as he is shameless. He masturbates in the living room of an apartment where he does not live.” Ranked #15 Comedy Central
  20. 19 / 32 Todd Alquist (Breaking Bad) His innocent, cheery demeanor and matter-of-fact attitude towards the horrendous crimes he perpetrates only makes his awfulness more acute.” Ranked #14 Frank Ockenfels / AMC
  21. 20 / 32 Black Jack Randall (Outlander) A sadist in smart trousers, Captain ‘Black Jack’ Randall is an 18th-century Redcoat who savors beatings, rapes, and blustery speeches.” Ranked #13 Ed Miller / Outlander
  22. 21 / 32 Piper Chapman (Orange Is the New Black) When most other inmates in Litchfield exploit each other, it’s for survival or sanity; with Piper, though, her antics often seem motivated by cruelty or boredom.” Ranked #12 JoJo Whilden / Netflix
  23. 22 / 32 Gemma Teller Morrow (Sons of Anarchy) There’s tragedy in her being just self-aware enough to hate herself without being able to change her behavior, but that doesn’t prevent her from being frustrating, infuriating, and exhausting.” Ranked #11 Prashant Gupta / FX
  24. 23 / 32 Hanna Horvath (Girls) Her staggering level of self absorption is both her defining trait and the pillar of her awfulness.” Ranked #10 HBO
  25. 24 / 32 Gustavo Fring (Breaking Bad) Behind a placid exterior, Gus nurses a ruthless acumen for business and organized crime, and is happy to murder anyone who defies him, even if they’re making him money.” Ranked #9 Ben Leuner / AMC
  26. 25 / 32 Marnie Michaels (Girls) “When people use ‘pretty girls’ as an epithet, they’re talking about girls like Marnie Michaels.” Ranked #8 Mark Schafer / HBO
  27. 26 / 32 Joffrey Baratheon (Game of Thrones) As many people do, he started out as a petulant child. But as few do, he grew into a sneering boy-king with a fondness for torture.” Ranked #7 HBO
  28. 27 / 32 Walter White (Breaking Bad) Walter’s undoing is always his firm belief that he’s better than everyone else.” Ranked #6 Ursula Coyote / AMC
  29. 28 / 32 Pete Campbell (Mad Men) He’s a smug, slimy, entitled, phony, cruel, cheating liar. He is equal parts sadistic and pathetic.” Ranked #5 Ron Jaffe / AMC
  30. 29 / 32 Fitzgerald Grant (Scandal) Fitz is an overprivileged, murderous, man-shaped infant whose libido dictates his foreign policy.” Ranked #4 ABC
  31. 30 / 32 Jim Moriarty (Sherlock) “On the one hand, he’s one of the few human beings alive who can occasionally outsmart Sherlock; on the other, he murders people out of sheer whimsy.” Ranked #3 Colin Hutton / Masterpiece
  32. 31 / 32 Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal) He’s a special kind of serial killer who likes to cook and eat his victims after they’re dead, prepare them as gourmet meals, and serve them to guests.” Ranked #2 Brooke Palmer / NBC
  33. 32 / 32 Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones) In a show about why people in desperate times do terrible things, Ramsay Bolton does the most terrible things for no reason at all.” Ranked #1 HBO
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