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What News Photos Do You Want To See?

Whenever I tweet an #InFocusRequest invitation on Twitter as @in_focus, I am inviting anyone to ask for a news photo, and I'll do my best to fulfill the request in an upcoming entry on In Focus.

This entry will be posted on Friday, April 11. Is there a subject you'd like to see a good photo from? A photo you've already seen somewhere else, but would like to see a higher-res version? A particular photographer, event, or theme? If I have access and can find it, I'll try to post it. here's a link to the last Reader Request entry we did together: "All-Request Photos: Stanley Cup Playoffs, Ernest Hemingway, Lucha Libre ...", for reference.

How it works:
  1. Tweet a message with an #InFocusRequest hashtag, making your request. (or, alternately, send me an email at ataylor@theatlantic.com).
  2. The first 40 or so requests will be taken in order, if possible -- one photo per person, please (if you make more than one request, I'll just pick one)
  3. After enough requests have come in, the invitation will be closed, and I'll start compiling an In Focus entry made up of all the requests to be posted soon. (In this case, the post will go up on Friday, April 11)
  4. When the entry is posted, requester's twitter handles and tweets will be included in the captions, along with the credits and description
Example requests:
  My #InFocusRequest subject is Kim Jong Un
  Lucha Libre! #InFocusRequest
  Celebrity fashion #InFocusRequest

I'll try my hardest to fulfill the requests as best I can, but there are some limitations to keep in mind:
  1. Photos must be available from our agencies: The Associated Press, Reuters, or AFP/Getty (or public domain)
  2. Non-work-safe photos will be excluded (overly graphic or containing nudity)
  3. Broader requests and subjects in the news are always better. It's easier for me to find "Polar Bears" than it is to find "Polar Bear with Pumpkin on its head"
  4. I reserve the right to skip any request for any reason
So send me your tweets with an #InFocusRequest hashtag, and let's see what happens. This is an experiment at the moment, but, if it works, it may become a regular feature.