Photos of the Week: Ice Disk, Snowy Owl, Giant Ichthyosaur

Ducklings at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, a purification ceremony in Japan, a fish-operated vehicle in Israel, preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics, a ballet performance in Spain, a whale off the California coast, the 2022 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia, and much more

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  • Washington Alves / Reuters

    Heavy Rainfall Causes Severe Flooding in Brazil

    Weeks of heavy rain have inundated communities in several Brazilian states.

  • Stephanie Keith / Reuters

    Tracking Cougars to Figure Out Where to Build a Bridge

    Stephanie Keith, a photographer with Reuters, recently joined members of the Olympic Cougar Project as they tracked a wild cougar named Lilu.

  • Tom Brenner / Reuters

    Photos of the Week: New Year, Mammoth Mountain, Sea Scream

    Epiphany celebrations in Madrid, anti-government protests in Kazakhstan, a December wildfire in Colorado, ice-covered cargo in Vladivostok, and much more

  • Thomas Pesquet / ESA / NASA

    The Beauty of Earth From Orbit

    Over the past year, crew members aboard the International Space Station have taken some amazing photographs of our lovely planet.