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Editor’s Note: This article previously appeared in a different format as part of The Atlantic’s Notes section, retired in 2021.

What’s your appetite for Are you an occasional reader of the site, or do you frequent it on the reg? Either way, if you live near our headquarters in Washington, D.C., we’d like to pull you into our user testing group.

We’d to get a better sense of how you experience—what you love or don’t love about the site, and what elements we could add to make for an easier time reading. And if you’ve got some D.C.-based, Atlantic-reading friends who might be interested in helping us out, send them this note—we’d like to pull them in too.

You might’ve seen our last callout for regular visitors to hang out with us. Learning more about how people work their way down the home page was incredibly helpful; we’re ready for Round 2.

And these is pretty casual “testing” on your part: Basically, if you live in or near D.C., we might ask you to come chat with one of us in person to show us how you use the site. If you’re based further away, we might solicit your input via survey.

Want to give us a hand? Fill out this form (or send it to those friends I mentioned) to let us know you’re interested in coming in to share your thoughts.