End-of-Day Wrap-Up: Rand Paul Wants to be President

The second major GOP candidate declares, the virtues of Joan Holloway, and more

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What's Happening: Rand Paul Enters

The Kentucky senator kicked off his campaign with a speech at the Galt House Hotel in Lexington on Tuesday. The libertarian conservative is seen as both an effective campaigner and a political outsider.

A rocky start: The launch of Paul's presidential website featured a misspelling in a most unfortunate place⎯in a tagline a video touting his "eductation" policy. YouTube also pulled the video of his presidential announcement on copyrights grounds.

An unorthodox candidacy: In his first appeal, Paul took an unlikely shot at fellow Republicans "for becoming part of the Washington machine." The senator will also have to differentiate himself from his father, who failed to reach mainstream primary voters as a presidential contender. Paul's efforts to court libertarian-friendly Silicon Valley tycoons may be complicated by his opposition to net neutrality.


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"Joan brings order to a chaotic world. She takes a group of headstrong and messy and inconveniently changeable people and encourages them to come together, to grow up, to be more than the sum of their parts. She molds them into, in their way, a family. She, more than any other character, is able to take a place—a boardroom, an office, a city—and turn it into something almost like a home."

Pop Quiz

1. _______, a 186-year-old snack item, made social media waves by tweeting its support for gay couples living in Indiana.

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2. Bikini-clad baristas at places with names like Devil’s Brew have become something of a trend in Washington. Meanwhile, an alternative service featuring shirtless men is known as _______.

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3. Atlantic writer James Fallows' first computer, purchased in 1982, was a Processor Technology SOL-20. It packed a whopping ____ of on-board memory.

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