America Going to Hell, in 1 Sentence

Personally, I will be focusing on honoring my sloth and desire to drink beer.

In-airport yoga room at the Burlington, Vermont airport, used here just for atmospheric purposes (The Atlantic)

A woman I know in Washington asked her local health club why the "good" yoga teacher, who was usually scheduled for Saturday mornings, seemed not to be there any more and was replaced by subs.

The emailed reply today from the manager:

Sadly [the teacher] is giving up her Saturday class because she is focusing on honoring her weekends more.


Previously in the "America's fate as documented through yoga" series, please see "There Will Always Be a San Francisco."

(To save you the effort of writing in, I like and respect yoga! And I know that people need a break. I just thought "focusing on honoring her weekends" was an amusing way to put it.)