America's New War Over Voting Rights: The 2012 Election and Beyond

Complete coverage of the ruses, hearings, and legal battles that have plunged the U.S. into a civil rights crisis

The 2012 Election

Cbusvotinglinethumb.jpg No One in America Should Have to Wait 7 Hours to Vote What's happening at polling stations in Ohio and Florida isn't some freak of nature or breakdown in equipment. It's all part of a partisan design.
winnersthumb.jpg Why Mitt Romney Lost: A Simple, Overriding Theory If November 6 proved anything, it's that no serious political party in America can win an election by suppressing votes.
ohiovotingthumb.jpg On Election Day, a Tale of 2 Americas On a day we celebrate the romance of democracy, too many are struggling to exercise the fundamental right to vote.
electronicvotingthumb.jpg Think the Florida Recount Was Bad? Just Wait Until November 6 While the nation fixates on stamping out non-existent voter fraud with photo-ID requirements, the perils of electronic voting go unchallenged.
votecount.thumb.reuters.jpg Federal Judge on Ohio's Ballot Order: 'Democracy Dies in the Dark' There are hundreds of thousands of ballots left to count in Ohio -- and a federal judge is angry about how the secretary of state there plans to count them.
iohiothumb.jpg Ohio's Provisional Ballot Order: The Biggest Legal Story of the Weekend A late voting directive from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted begets an "emergency motion" about how to count provisional ballots.
hustedthumb.jpg Say Hello to the Ohio Official Who Might Pick the Next President Didn't like having nine justices decide the 2000 election? Meet Jon Husted.

The War on Voting

scprimarythumb.jpg In South Carolina, Shockingly Candid Talk About Voter Discrimination The state's chief election official -- a bureaucrat, not a politician -- patiently and professionally proves how the new law could be used not only to keep residents from voting, but to systematically discard their votes.

nikkihaleyRNC.thumb.reuters.jpg Why South Carolina's 'Most Sacred' Right Is in Jeopardy Why is Governor Nikki Haley defending her state's racist voter-identification law? And why is the Republican Party cheering her efforts?
scprimarythumb.jpg Federal Court: In South Carolina We Trust A three-judge panel delays implementation of South Carolina's voter-ID law -- and shows a great deal of faith in local elections officials on voting-rights issues.
chadthumb.jpg Remember When Judges Decided Elections After the Vote? A Pennsylvania decision on voter ID begs the question Republican lawmakers have been asking for years: Why wait until after the election to skew the results?
voteheresignthumb.jpg Pennsylvania State Court Cops Out on Voter ID Law A timid ruling sends the matter back to the trial court for more review -- guaranteeing more voting chaos between now and Election Day.
paidposterthumb.jpg In Pennsylvania, Finally, a Sensible Voting Rights Ruling A Republican judge changes his mind, because he has to.
voterpa2008thumb.jpg Why Pennsylvania's Vote Suppressors Can Never Win The fight is about dignity as much as it is about the right to vote, as evidenced by the story of one family burdened by the state's new voter ID law.

The Politics of Voter Suppression

clarencethomasthumb.jpg Did Republicans Just Save the Voting Rights Act? Ironically, the furor over voter ID will make it hard for Supreme Court conservatives to justify striking down one of the Act's key provisions.
clintonconventionthumbnail.jpg Bill Clinton Is Right to Talk About Voter Fraud and Race A National Review writer attacks the former president for his convention-night speech -- showing why Republicans need to reevaluate how they think about the right to vote.
dncstagethumb.jpg Voting Rights: This Is What a Strong Party Platform Would Look Like In tone and tenor, the Democratic and Republican voting-rights planks could not be more different. But there's clearly room for a third way.
votingcohenthumb.jpg The National Scandal They Didn't Talk About in Tampa While Republicans and the media were partying at the convention, the GOP's voter suppression efforts got thrashed in court.
georgewill.thumb.AP.jpg.jpg George Will Gets (Almost) Everything Wrong About Voting Rights The conservative columnist describes a world that's completely unrecognizable to anyone who followed the story of the 2012 election.
nytimesfacadethumb.jpg False Equivalence in the New York Times' Voting Rights Story "Journalists need to make every effort to get beyond the spin and help readers know what to believe, to help them make their way through complicated and contentious subjects." By that earnest standard, the Times' piece on voting rights failed.

The New War on Civil Rights

hp_johnlewis_thumb.jpg Rep. John Lewis: 'Make Some Noise' on New Voting Restrictions The civil rights icon issues a call -- "All of us should be up on our feet" -- to protest partisan voting restrictions this election season.
civilrightsmarchthumb.jpg America's New War Over Civil Rights Does the pernicious war on voting access require any less of a moral response than the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s?
AP650806026-330.jpg New Voting Laws: Bending the Arc of History Away From Justice The current generation of laws could disenfranchise millions.
tampacohenthumb.jpg The Party of Lincoln and the Right to Vote As the fight over a constitutional right shifts to a dubious South Carolina measure, the GOP doubles down on restrictive voting laws.
votingmenthumb.jpg Money, Power, Ruses, and the Right to Vote A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing highlights the hypocrisy of restrictive voter laws in the age of Citizens United.
voting rights-thumb.jpg How Voter ID Laws Are Being Used to Disenfranchise Minorities and the Poor Conservatives say this kind of legislation is meant to curb voter fraud. But while evidence of fraud is scant, proof of the regulations' failings is not.