Today's Chinese Aerospace News, and Its Bigger Meaning

As a reminder: my contention is that China's ambitions, progress, and frustrations in this field are proxies for its potential more generally. Thus I notice:

1) Ambitions, from Business Insider.


2) Scale: To the same effect, from AFP:

3) But wait, not so fast (from Reuters):


Similarly (same story, different paper):

4) And, even more fundamentally:

My Q&A with the WSJ giving The Big Picture -- and also a (to me) very interesting analysis at the Lone Operator site of the creativity, and self-limitations, of China's current aerospace ambitions as a guide to the country's potential overall.

And while I'm at it, a sadder-and-wiser tale at Bloomberg Business Week about an ambitious young American trying to seize some of the opportunities that seem so "easily" available in China. This fits into a grand tradition, stretching back to Mr. China, and To Change China, and Matteo Ricci, and beyond.