Book News: Wired, Kojo Nnamdi, Flight Global, and Lots More

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Catching up on the book-news home front:

1) I will be on the Kojo Nnamdi show, on NPR from WAMU in Washington, today at 1pm EDT. Details here. Colbert ahead next month, details soon.

2) A brief book excerpt in Wired, here, with a very nice illustration.

3) A nice piece by Greg Waldron in Flight Global ("must read" in the headline, "fun to read" in the text, etc).

4) An exploration by Alex Usher, on an American higher-ed site, of the "soft-power" angle in the book as it involves universities in China and the U.S.

5) Another round of Q-and-A about America, Australia, and their respective abilities to think clearly about China, with Sam Roggeveen on The Interpreter site of the Lowy Institute in Sydney.

6) In a different kind of book news, I had a big review of David Maraniss's huge new Obama biography in the New York Times this weekend, fyi. The book is worth reading -- but don't take my word for it, read the review!

I will update the tour and appearance dates on my book page ... soon!

And oh yes! Several of the electronic "writing tools" I used in this book and all other work in the past few years are going on a limited-time, package-deal "Writer's Festival" sale. I don't use one of the four programs in the package, Bookends, but the other three -- Scrivener, Tinderbox, and TextExpander -- are very valuable to me. The irreplaceable Scrivener, originally Mac-only, now has a PC version; the rest are for Mac. If you search for Scrivener or Tinderbox here on the Atlantic site, you'll see a variety of past testimonials.