Book News: Peking Duck and Beijing Flight Delays

PekingDuck.jpgFor years I have been a fan of the web site known as The Peking Duck. Therefore I am very gratified by a review that appeared there today, which 100% grasped the point of my recent book.

And from an American traveler now in Beijing:

Thumbnail image for ChinaAirborneFrontCoverSmall.pngThe current issue that I'm talking to people about is the number of people whose trips back to BJ (from another location in China) have  been foiled by the airline constraints over airspace.  It was actually ridiculous to hear the number of people in this team who take it for granted that their plans (for travel within China) will be foiled by constraints on airspace. 

This morning, at my meeting to discuss energy policy with folks from [XX] office, several of the team members were stuck in one city or  another because of constraints on the country's airspace.  The director of the program was delayed 24 hours getting back to BJ because they couldn't get clearances...  Couldn't help but laugh, and told all of the staff that I had THE perfect book for them to read!

That is all.