Jonathan Safran Foer and I will be speaking tonight at King's Place in London as part of Jewish Book Week 2012. The topic: The New American Haggadah, which Jonathan thought-up, edited, and quarterbacked (can you quarterback a Haggadah?) and for which I wrote a commentary. The Haggadah is brilliant and beautiful (the translation is by Nathan Englander, the art and calligraphy by Oded Ezer, and other commentators include Nathaniel Deutsch, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein and Lemony Snicket). The Financial Times just gave the Haggadah a strongly positive review (yes, you can review a Haggadah). So please come, London Goldbloggers. I'll also be speaking on Sunday about Israel, Arabs, Iran, the usual, with the BBC's Robin Lustig. So stop by.

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