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Placeholder: AF 447, Alec Baldwin, Filibuster, Civil War, Beer, Armageddon, Etc

I am busy juggling quaintly "non-online" deadlines and obligations -- long and overdue magazine article, edits for a book. Here is a list of topics that many people have (graciously) written about, at least one of which I'll try to address this evening and then move down the list:

1) Latest allegation of gross pilot error in the Air France 447 crash. Much more (informed) commentary has arrived than I have posted or shared, including some interesting dispatches from Airbus and Boeing pilots, and I'll circulate as much and as soon as I can.

1A) Latest TSA scanner reasons-for-despair.

2) Latest Alec Baldwin eruption and what it means on the "any device with an on-off switch must be switched OFF" rule.

3) The granddaddy of all "false equivalence" stories, and what the past few years' abuse of the filibuster will mean when the Republicans are back in control of the Senate.

4) The latest issue of the Atlantic, now on newsstands (remember those?) which features writers from Walt Whitman to Barack Obama and is one of the best in our 150+ years.

5) More on the latest atmospheric hell -- not just in China but for us all.

6) Great beer!

7) Great software.

8) How to create a good password.

9) More on the evils of leaf blowers.

And some other stuff. As a one-man operation I work out triage day-by-day. In some other life I would devise a system for delegating the re-posting of very interesting reader mail. For now, I leave this marker and return to my other chores.