A Little Thanksgiving

10 years ago this week, I started blogging with this post.  We hadn't invaded Iraq, elected our first black president, or passed the largest entitlement expansion in 40 years.  Enron--and Lehman brothers--were going concerns.  I was a lifelong New Yorker, working in a construction trailer besides the still-smoking ruins of the World Trade Center.  The idea of becoming a journalist was about as far from my mind as the notion of becoming an Olympic figure skaer. I hadn't met my husband, or most of the people who were in our wedding.

It's been a pretty great ten years for me, even as it's been a very hard ten years for many in my country.  And a lot of that is thanks to you guys: my readers, my commenters, and of course, my colleagues at the Atlantic.

This year, I'm giving thanks for you all.  I've had much more than anyone can claim to deserve.  I hope that you all have as much to be thankful for today.