Ta-Nehisi Coates, Future Despot

It is fairly uncommon for a blogger to become a head of state (I think it has only happened three or four dozen times). But now my friend and colleague Ta-Nehisi Coates has apparently achieved real greatness.  Everywhere I look I find reminders that he is no more an ink-stained wretch but instead the new president of Libya: "U.S. Recognizes TNC as Libya's "Legitimate Governing Authority," read one headline. "TNC is Libya's Only Government," read another. TNC has become a real globe-trotting diplomat: "Libya's TNC thanks Lebanon for recognition."  And of course, inevitably, power has already gone to his head: "Libyan TNC challenged on killings and arbitrary arrests."

I decided to interview TNC on his transition from Atlantic blogger to Libyan strongman, but I was forced to submit my questions through the TNC Ministry of Propaganda and Procrastination. Here is what came back:

Q: As Libya's new leader, how much do you think it is appropriate for you to steal from the state treasury? And what will you use the money for?

A: ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!  With that sum secured, I shall erect of replica of this statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Q:  How long wiill it take before you become a complete despot?

A: According to my commenters, that happened years ago.

Q: Who is your leadership model?

A: Did I mention Nathan Bedford Forrest?

So there you have it: Libya now squirms under the thumb of an exceedingly tall African-American blogger who has adopted the leadership style of the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. I think this is a recipe for success.