New Arrival: The Atlantic Cities

Please check out our new sister site. Very interesting and well done. For explanations of the premise and ambitions, see comments by the's editor, Bob Cohn, and the Cities site's editor, Sommer Mathis. I am a fan of / nostalgic for its debut map-image, below. But I had nothing to do with the site and am seeing its contents for the first time, and I think it is very promising.


Congrats and welcome.

Update: And while I hate to get started talking about great items on the site, since there are so many, I had to mention the latest wonderful "In Focus" photos, from Alan Taylor, about surfing. The ones showing "The Wedge," in Newport Beach, are where my brother and I spent summer days. Photo #10 is a bigger wave than I remember seeing at the Wedge; #17 is how big they often looked from below; #12 brings it all back (this guy is about to go way down the front of that wave); and #4 is how it often felt.