By The Beard Of Gary Gygax...


Trigger-Warning: This is a post about old school video gaming. You have been warned.

Fellow over-30 nerds, a few things deserve mention:

1.) Good old games is having a sale on all Dungeons & Dragons related games--Planescape, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale etc.

2.) Any folks here regularly running campaigns with Neverwinter Nights?

3.) I actually reached waaaayyyy back the other night, downloaded a Commodore emulator and booted up Pool Of Radiance. It's interesting because while the new games have tons of graphics and detail, the overwhelming visual info actually annoys me. The storytelling is rarely that great, not that it was great back in the day. But the upgrade in graphics really puts the thin story-telling in relief.

4.) I tried Europa Universalis the other day. I was excited by what I saw. Unfortunately, I found the game utterly impenetrable.

5.) What's everyone else playing these days?